No : 275
Kanatta Road,
Werahera,Boralesgamuwa, Sri Lanka
00 94 112 518 091
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It is a great pleasure to invite all of our buyers and interested in contacting us on various purchase items that we are capable and bound to expedite orders etc. with diligence and quality oriented and customer oriented line of business which we are ethics of our main areas of our trade.

We have to appraise all our buyers a continued and honest, reliable undertaking from us on supply of items to u guaranteeing and promising the quality produce or products from our organization and satisfying your expectations as end results thus trust and confidence you have placed in us.

In our short, welcome address, it it is imperative to allow us a small period of time so that from the inception of your orders placed in our entity, we will the due process and take every steps in liaison with the customers concerned and expediting the orders accepted and delivery done on time.

Whether it be a n Agricultural produce or other product it is our prime concern to maintain quality standards and customer depends and trust by adhering to their expectations.

So that we feel that their ambitions, expectations, and hope are well complied and treat that the same business trends and basis are help us to keep our entity aloof.

In conclusion, we expect all our intended buyers to be with us until such time with us we provide best and higher satisfaction.

Customers are live line of our Business!
Vegitables & Fruits
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